die Schrifthauerei

Branding, Corporate Design, Webdesign, Illustration
Traditional family business reinterpreted - die Schrifthauerei.

Die Schrifthauerei is a traditional family business that revives and reinterprets the historic craft of stonemasonry. High-quality engravings and personalized products are part of the company's portfolio. The logo for Schrifthauerei refers to the originality of the craft and the owners' sense of tradition. The ancient guild sign of the stonemasons served as a starting point. The sign was transformed in an abstract way to visualize the process of stone engraving. Finally, the shape was adapted to form a symbiosis with the lettering. The colors reflect the honest character of the company and are meant to give an elegant, high-quality yet down-to-earth impression. The vintage style illustrations reinforce the traditional look of the brand.

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