Branding, Screendesign
Shifting your focus through technology

Illustrations: Julia Mauch

Concept and Structure: Johanna Lielacher, Daniel Schwarz, Julia Mauch


The daily confrontation with the seemingly perfect lives of others on social media, can affect one's own self-esteem. The app Mahalo aims to counteract this negative effect. A central theme of the app is gratitude. Users are playfully encouraged to find small experiences in their own everyday lives that trigger a feeling of gratitude. By focusing on the beautiful things in one's own life, the user's perspective is trained over time, so that it becomes easier and easier to find things that trigger gratitude. "Where focus goes, energy flows."
To visually convey the app's values and message, friendly colors and an organic design language were chosen. The color palette, typography and illustrations thus form a unity that combines elegance and playfulness.

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