Trofaiach Mein Lesebuch

Cover Design, Editorial Design
A graphical representation of the fusion of three communities.

Authors: Eat Write Live

Illustrations: Valentina Gatterer, Johanna Kerschensteiner, Rosa Hirzer

Project Management: Martina Nette, Melanie Mautner

Editorial: Communication Design  FH Joanneum Class of CMS18


The aim of the cover design is to highlight the impressive personalities of each community and visualize their close ties. To achieve this, an independent design language was developed for each individual community, which brings out the typical characteristics of the region. The combination of the different stylistic elements results in a unique and harmonious image.

The editorial design for "Trofaiach (m)ein Lesebuch" was developed together with students of the FH Joanneum Graz, Communication Design. The 40th birthday and the merging of the communities of Trofaiach, Gai and Hafning were chosen as the occasion for the publication. The book covers stories of the city of Trofaiach and its inhabitants.

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